Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

For our "day off" before the Monday start, we rode from our campground to the Interpretive Center (about 20 miles round trip) and the last 365 feet was straight up. The Center sits on top of a huge hill! Gregory says, "my favorite part was the presentation of the guns and knives." This didn't surprise neither Mike nor I since he was very persistent about getting his first pocket knife for this trip. We learned about the Oregon Trail and even got to see the ruts from the prairie schooners (pioneer wagons) that are near the center. Gregory went on a hunt for a "blue bucket" and won a prize including some pyrite (fools gold). He completed a booklet about the Oregon Trail and was sworn in as a Wagon Master. This was announced over the loud speaker after his swearing in ceremony and everyone gave him a huge round of applause! He now proudly wears his rubber bracelet dubbing him an official Wagon Master!

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  1. Hi guys - my husband and I were so interested in your story when we ran into you at the interpretive center. We wish you luck and lots of fun on your travels. We are now back in Wisconsin from our vacation and getting ready for the school year to start. How summer does fly by. I am enjoying reading your blogs! Tamara Houser, Stoughton, WI housert@belleville.k12.wi.us