Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4th Surprise

Happy Independence Day everyone! One last job before we go. Mike and I wanted to surprise our friend Marc by finishing the siding on his house while he is away this weekend. Mike has been helping him all along but when he injured his foot we thought Mike wouldn't be able to help Marc finish the job (and they were so close). Speaking of Mike's foot, it is still quite sore and swollen so he went in for a CT scan yesterday. Hopefully it is just a matter of time but his biking shoes are a snug fit...


  1. Hi
    Did I see that you were coming to Australia?
    We are in Melbourne, Victoria. We are a family of Mum, Dad, 5yr old boy, 7yr old girl and we ride a tandem and a triplet. If you want some local information, please contact us.

  2. Guys,

    Sorry we missed you last weekend - We were in NY visiting my family....

    You guys are going fast!

  3. Hi Alistair! Sorry I didn't respond earlier in my blogging career but I hadn't gotten in the habit of checking for comments. We would love more information about Australia. We are still wondering about riding down under on our triple bike with road tires. We are also wondering about the logistics of cycling in the country, distances between services, etc. It is now November 6 and we are in Kentucky and almost to the east coast of the United States where we will spend the Christmas holidays. We are thinking about Australia in January of perhaps New Zealand first and then Australia when it is a bit cooler. What do you think?