Friday, July 24, 2009

Idaho Hospitality-Day 4 & 5-July 23, 2009 – Cambridge, Idaho to Council, ID-24 miles and July 24 Rest Day

Enjoying our decadent motel stay we slept in and took our time getting ready. Mike and Gregory had to have just one more peach smoothie (we had one the afternoon prior) but I needed real food so we went back to Ms. G’s for breakfast. Owner Tammy talked with us for a long while and took our picture before we headed across the street to the market for sunscreen. At the market they told us that she had called and we needed to stop by before we headed out of town. A couple sitting near us (Qunicy and Tina) had overheard our conversation during which time we had mentioned that sometimes people offer to have us stay during our journey. They live in Council (our destination for the day) and offered us a place for the evening. Idaho hospitality at its finest. They cooked us an amazing meal of porterhouse steaks and veggies, did a load of our laundry, let us take showers and gave us a bed for the night. That evening Gregory got to ride in the Yamaha Rhino with Quincy and drive the Kawasaki 4-wheeler with his dad. He was in heaven. When they found out we were interested in the rodeo, one night turned into two. The next day we had an incredible breakfast of steak and eggs and pancakes (with homemade apricot and strawberry rhubarb jams) and then they took us out on Lost Lake in their pontoon boat. Gregory did some fishing and got to drive the boat so again he was thrilled. To top it off they took us to see their cabin and the fawn that they have been taking care of since the mother was killed by a mountain lion. They called out for Gus when we arrived and sure enough out of the woods he came. It was a thrill to pet the little guy and let him nibble on our ears. He is obviously very comfortable in the presence of humans and their dog Samantha. We came home and had another fabulous meal including spaghetti with sausage and veggies and a huge salad. Soon we are off to the rodeo to watch some bull riding and barrel racing! It has been an amazing time. Thank you Quincy and Tina!

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