Thursday, June 11, 2009

We thought we might list the house sooner, with an eye to departing in June, however it was difficult for Mike to finish all the details of getting the house in pristine condition while continuing to work.  Also, we decided it would be easier to keep the house in a tidy state for showing once I'd finished school.  Thus, the sign went in the yard on Sunday evening March 31st and was put on the MLS (multiple listing service) on Monday, June 1st (my last day of school).  Here Mike and I sign paper work and Mike and our good friend and realtor Scott Lewis make it official.

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  1. YIPPEE!!!! Another family bites the dust!! As a family who has now spent two complete years on the road (the first with a triple/single; the second with a tandem/2 singles) I can promise you that you will NOT regret your decision!

    After your trek across the USA, head down south and meet up with us somewhere in South America!