Monday, June 22, 2009

Gregory decided that since his birthday is in September that he should have an early birthday party with his buddies. Since his buddy Evan (who just moved to Washington) was here for a visit he decided we should put together a party in a matter of days. Now this is asking a lot from me since I took over a month to plan his Harry Potter party! In addition I was prepping for the second and final garage sale the coming weekend. However, good 'ol mom stepped up to the plate and met the challenge. We kept it simple and it turned out great. Gregory helped with the cake (yellow with chocolate frosting - his favorite) complete with a Lego dude riding his bike! We had water play and cake & ice cream (girls got to stay for this part) and then the guys had pizza and a sleepover Monday night. The next morning it was donuts with sprinkles and we splatter painted a canvas complete with the boys' hand prints so Gregory would have a piece of art to remember his friends. It really was a terrific time.

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