Monday, June 22, 2009

Garage Sale #2 - June 19th & 20th

As soon as the house was in escrow we started selling off our possessions and we were amazed at how quickly they went. We sold our Jayco Tent Trailer within 5 hours of posting it on Craig's List and as soon as the word was out that Mike was selling some of his large tools, 3 saws went away in just one day. I think he was a bit emotional about give up his Delta Table Saw... So, as the house went through it's remaining inspections (roof inspection on Monday the 15th, the day of Gregory's party, and whole house inspection the next day) we continued to purge our home of non-essentials and things too big and bulky to store. We actually had the appraisers come through on our first garage sale day!! In Paradise (our hometown) Friday is the big garage sale day and we had them waiting in front of our home at 7 A.M. (though we listed an 8 A.M. start). We even had one woman peeking under the tarps! It was non-stop all day and Saturday was a good day as well. In the photo you will see our neighbor friend Lexi, Mike and Gregory ready to give the shoppers the go ahead. I am taking the picture from the bed of Mike's Dodge truck. He had to park it across the driveway to keep people out until we were ready. We couldn't believe how much more stuff we managed to put out for this second sale when we'd already sold so much. Where did we have it all?

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