Monday, June 22, 2009

Mike's "Almost Broken" Foot

Early on day two of our moving sale Mike sold this enormous steel cabinet and since the buyer couldn't pick it up until later in the day Mike decided to put it in the garage to get it out of the way. Using a dolly, he tried to maneuver it over the slightly raised lip up into the garage. He hit that bump and the cabinet slid off the dolly and on to Mike's right foot landing face down. I think he was first extremely upset that he'd tweaked the cabinet that he'd just sold and bent the key in the lock but then he exclaimed, "I just crushed my foot!" My first reaction was go get an x-ray but he insisted he'd be fine. It wasn't until an hour later when he took off his shoe that he said, "I think it might be broken." Hours later we were pleasantly surprised to greet our friend Greg Kennebeck who made an unannounced visit and is here from Ohio (GK is an MD in the Air Force). His timing couldn't have been more perfect. Finally, on the recommendation of Dr. Kennebeck, Mike went to the ER around 4:30P.M. We were pleasantly surprised that he was in and out of the ER in no time but the PA that examined him proclaimed his foot to be broken and he came home in a temporary cast. He was instructed to see the orthopedic surgeon on Monday. It was an emotional Saturday evening with serious reflection upon what to do next. How long would we have to post pone our trip? Should we still try to ride across America this summer or start somewhere else? We celebrated Father's Day the next morning on a somber note and tried to keep the day low key. While keeping his foot elevated Mike watched golf and racing but he was going stir crazy watching me run around and pack. Just as he went to lay down and take a nap so he wouldn't have to think about it all, he got a call from the hospital. The radiologist read the x-ray and Mike's foot isn't broken after all! Oh Joy! That night we toasted our good fortune. The trip is still on.

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  1. I think Mike needs a pedicure!!!
    Well, looks like you better air-up the tires and oil the chains 'cause your trip is still on schedule. It has been great helping you sell the house but we will also miss you all very much. I know you will have a super experience and look forward to some good stories.