Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello Friends and Family!
This is my first official blog posting.  I wanted to establish a way to communicate with you while we are on our grand adventure.  It begins next month with a cross country bike tour. We are going to follow Adventure Cycling's TransAmerica Bicycle Trail (like Mike and I did in 1994) but this time we will travel West to East and Gregory will join us on the Santana Triple. Actually this adventure began months ago when we decided to sell the house and liquidate our belongings to make this trip happen.  We had our first garage sale in April and put the house on the market June first.  It seems that our good karma continues because after only a week on the market the house is in escrow and sold to the first couple that looked at it.  They have been living in a fifth wheel for some time now so will be buying most of our furniture and have agreed to a 30 day escrow.  This is ideal for us because we hoped for a quick sale and now we'll be on the road by mid-July.  Everything is coming together and we really feel that this was the right decision for our family at this time.  Gregory is on board and really looking forward to going adventuring with his mom and dad.

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  1. Congrats!!! We're excited for you guys! What a great idea~ we can't wait to read about your adventures :)
    lisa burress