Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sheep and Montana Carousel-Day 16-Aug. 4 Missoula, MT

Rest day number three has started out with Mike tracking down our packages at FedEx (we thought they were headed to the Post Office General Delivery) and news that our tires might also arrive at the “Missoula Bike Works” today. If that is the case we might be on the road tomorrow.

The excitement of the morning was when Inky’s dog Fiona started barking her head off and we discovered that sheep were being herded from below the house and up and across the road next to the house to a new pasture. We watched from the deck and Gregory and I went out front and watched as 300 sheep passed by! We ended up meeting the owner, John, whom Gregory asked, “Can I help?” He said, “If you can walk you can help. Come on.” So we followed along and helped round up the sheep! We found that the sheep are brought in to cut down on the evasive weeds. Actually Inky has three of her own that Gregory has been “playing with.” She also has hens and Gregory and I have been helping to collect the eggs each morning. Fresh eggs for breakfast have been a treat.

We are back from our errands and it is not good. Mike’s shoes arrived in a size 38 instead of a 48! They came from “Performance” on the East Coast so we can’t even get them sent overnight until tomorrow. It looks like we are here another two days. We even checked all the bike shops in town to see if we could find SIDI shoes in a 48 with no luck. Someone we met during our travels informed us that SIDI now requires shops to carry their entire line (and prices have gone up) therefore not as many shops are carrying them. On a bright note our tires did arrive today and we received a FedEx package here at the house from my folks.

We had a great time this afternoon at the Montana Carousel and Dragon Hollow Park. It was a much needed pick me up for all three of us. Dragon Hollow reminds us of Kids Kingdom back home only with misters. It was refreshing to swing in and out of the mist on another hot Montana day. The carousel has this dragon that hangs out near the edge and he has a chute in his mouth with rings. As the carousel goes ‘round you can reach out and grab these rings and if you get the brass ring you get a free ride. Gregory tried and tried and then Mike took his one ride and sure enough got the ring. We scored more tokens and got a kick out of that.

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