Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 17 - Aug. 5, 2009 - Missoula, MT

We finally made it to Adventure Cycling headquarters today. We had an opportunity to talk with John Wyrik regarding alternate routes out of Missoula. We are thinking we might want to avoid Chief Joseph Pass. Anyhow, Mike got some useful information. Thanks John! I also talked with Wynonna about settings on blog sites. Gregory finally got his free ice cream and he spent some time drawing a picture of Lewis and Clark while Mom and Dad got the information we needed. We were disappointed that Greg Siple was out of the office and won’t be able to take our black and white portrait on the triple. For whatever reason we didn’t get a portrait in ’94 either. Oh well. Our timing is just off. Bummer. Beth Peterson did snap a shot of us to put up on the wall. We went to Sean Kelly’s A Public House “Where the Gaelic and the Garlic mix!” on a recommendation from the guys at Hellgate Cyclery. As we were headed over there we thought how nice it would be if we could get a hold of our new friends Grant and Sarah (tenants at our host home) and have them join us for dinner. Believe it or not we sat down to eat, looked up, and there were Grant and Sarah. We joined them in their booth and enjoyed some Irish grub together. I ordered pasties (meat, potatoes and veggies baked in a pastry) and it brought back memories of when my mom used to make them for us as kids. It was served with a huge mound of garlic-mashed red potatoes and Guinness gravy. Mike and Grant had to help me finish it all. Gregory quenched his thirst with the virgin strawberry lemonade and Mike had tasty fish and chips. Grant and Sarah leave for Portland tomorrow on a house-hunting trip and we are sad to see them go. They have been so great with Gregory and a pleasure to have around. Afterwards we cruised around town a bit and went by University of Montana Grizzly Stadium. It was impressive.

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