Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 27 Sheridan (The Heart of the Ruby Valley)

Gregory finally convinced me to go on a ride. Let's just say I don't do well with going up and then down and spinning around all the while on top of that! I was very happy when the ride came to a stop.

The Scrambler

Gregory made some friends because Mom refused to do this ride a second time.

Best of Show Onions


4-wheeling at Margo's house in Sheridan

Meeting the horses

Gregory at the controls

Riding the back roads as the sun begins to set

Date: Aug. 15, 2009

From: Twin Bridges, Montana

To: Sheridan, Montana

Route: Hwy. 287 S.

Passes: None

Miles: 13 miles

Top Speed: 47.7 mph

Weather: Scattered showers

Why would we start riding at 5:30 P.M. with the threat of a storm on the horizon? We met Margo at breakfast at the Wagon Wheel in Twin Bridges and she extended an invitation to stay at her home in Sheridan just 10 miles down the road. Temps down to 42 degrees were predicted and we were up most of the night at the Bike Camp due to the fact that folks here for the fair found out about the free hot showers at the bike camp! Unfortunately our tent was right by the showers! We finally got to sleep after midnight and weren’t looking for a repeat!

So, Gregory and I spent the afternoon at the Twin Bridges Fair (as planned) while Mike packed up and hung out at the Bike Camp for the afternoon. They closed down the rides briefly in an afternoon downpour and Gregory finally agreed to call in quits after hours on the rides. We ate some dinner and pounded the pedals hard all the way to Sheridan. It is amazing how motivating the threat of rain can be. Our legs were screaming.

Margo’s beautiful home was built in 2003 and has amazing mountain views from every window. Gregory chose her cozy loft for our sleeping arrangements where we all had comfortable beds to sleep in. Before we settled in she offered the use of the four-wheelers. Now, I haven’t ridden in 10 years but was pleasantly surprised at how well I did especially with the ditches out in the pasture area. I guess it is like “riding a bike.” Mike and Gregory rode together with Gregory in command and we had a blast, first out in the tall grasses of her pasture and then out on the open dirt roads of the surrounding properties. We were side-by-side in fifth gear racing along as we spotted deer bounding across the pastures where they can gorge themselves on alfalfa and barley. A fair share of bugs pelted us but it didn’t matter because we were having the time of our lives. It was a great gift as was our entire stay with Margo.

She offered to take us back in to Twin Bridges tomorrow morning for the parade complete with outhouse races, and we were quick to accept.

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