Friday, April 30, 2010

Tweed Heads

Gregory enjoys riding his new scooter with new friends Cooper and Luke.

April 30, 2010

We took the day off at the Tweed Heads Billabong BIG 4 Holiday Park today. We needed a day to just relax and catch up. We made arrangements to switch out our camper van up in Brisbane tomorrow (faulty battery connections and bad radio), booked E-tickets for the theme parks (Dreamworld & White Water World), did laundry, swam, read, blogged and generally rested. We picked up a Razor scooter for Gregory at Kmart yesterday so he road that around all day, along with brothers Cooper (9) and Luke (10) who are down here on holiday from their home in Nambour up on the Sunshine Coast (an hour north of Brisbane).

I think I mentioned before that it is a three-day holiday weekend for the folks just over the border in Queensland. (Tweed Heads is in the state of New South Wales and just over the border is Coolangatta which is considered Queensland. The Gold Coast of Queensland is full of theme parks as well as lovely beaches.) Well, our day in camp was quiet for the most part with a few folks trickling in this afternoon but tonight we were inundated around dinner time. The people who set up next to us must have over 10 kids with them and there are kids everywhere! People have been setting up in the dark for hours. We'll see if we get any rest tonight! Ha!

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