Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blog Archive

If you are interested in archived entries about the cross-country biking portion of our year-long adventure, we began the bike trip on July 20, 2009 and finished cycling on December 1, 2009.

I hope you enjoy the blog.  I love to hear your comments!



  1. Hi Dorrie,
    I'm Dori! My friend Val & I live in Chico and do a podcast called "More Hip Than Hippie", about green living and such. We would love to have you come on our show to talk about your adventures. Please check out our link and let me know if you'd be interested. We record at a studio by the Chico Airport every 2 weeks, and we'd just need you for about 20 minutes or so. Thanks!

  2. Wow!!! It has been a while! This is the guy with the sidecar and the crazy dog wearing goggles!!! We are sitting a bit in BigBend area, Texas, writing a Book, updating my Photo Galleries (100,000 photos to go through!!!), opening an e-store "one pan recipes" and I just came across your photos and now reading your Blog!!! So great... specially the young writer awards!!!
    Well, we have just entered our own 6th year on the road... Crazy as we have just began! But you all know how that goes... "ThePathLessPedaled", cool couple,,, check them out on FB, they also presentations...
    Stay in touch... Ara and Spirit