Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 57 Catching Up At Kiki’s Place

Gregory is all smiles at 6:50 A.M. as he is getting dressed for a day of riding his bike and the kids of Boone, Colorado are boarding the school bus for the drive to Pueblo.

Camping in the city park in Boone was much less than desirable. We did have a port-a-potty but we were 100 yards from the railroad tracks. Can you say no sleep? Yet, the boys still have a smile for me as we are packed up and ready to go at 7:30 A.M.

The "Attitude Adjuster" at the Boone Grocery-Hardware

Is there life before coffee?

Gregory and the local Boone boys Tom, Wendell and Wayne

White Donkey

Kiki's Place in Olney Springs

Gregory and Makenzie (her mom and dad own Kiki's Place)

Shanan, Brian and Makenzie of Kiki's Place

Our dear friends Steve and Penny treat us to dinner out at Kiki's Place.

Date: Sept. 14, 2009

From: Boone, Colorado (founded by the grandsons of famous frontiersman Daniel Boone)

To: Ordway, Colorado

Route: Hwy. 96


Miles Today: 33 miles


Top Speed on this trip: 54.1 mph

Weather: 80-85 degrees

License Plates Collected: 5 Montana plates, 8 Wyoming plates (2 motorcycle) and 1 Idaho plate (found in WY), 2 Colorado plates

As I mentioned yesterday, we got no sleep due to the trains roaring past all night long just 100 yards from the city park in Boone. We were packed up and ready to go by 7:30 when true to her word Joni came and opened the Boone Grocery-Hardware early for us so we could have some coffee before we set off. We had a great time chatting with the local boys Tom, Wayne and Wendell before heading out for the day.

We “banged out” 20 miles in no time this morning as it was flat, flat, flat and there was not a speck of wind. It was chilly at first but the clouds burned off in no time and we peeled off our layers. We arrived at Kiki’s Place in Olney Springs at 10:15 and found the restaurant closed. Mike seemed the most disappointed. He was really ready for a big breakfast. Gregory and I went over to the post office next door to mail Greg’s postcards and by the time we came back Mike was happily seated inside of Kiki’s. Ray at the post office told us Shannon (the owner) opened at 10:30. It seems an odd time to open, but we were sure happy Shannon let us in while she finished getting things ready. Gregory wasn’t feeling too well so Shannon offered for him to kick back in the attached room that her kids use as a den. Gregory had a couch and TV and an ice bag on his forehead (he was overheated). Meanwhile Shannon let us use her Internet and Mike made some calls. We also took a look at a map of Kansas to determine our route. We may go off the Trans Am for a while so we can head up through Kansas City, Kansas and into Kansas City, Missouri and on to the Katy Trail (a gravel rails to trails that will have a more gradual grade than the short steep grades in the Ozarks of Missouri).

When we finally got back on the road it was a quick 10 miles into Ordway where the scent of the feed lots (and the proximity to the road) sent us away from the camping area and back to the Hotel Ordway where we splurged for a room. Gregory and Mike watched some Monday night football before our friends Penny and Steve showed up for dinner.

Penny and Steve just finished a 4,500-mile tandem tour and are settled back in at home in Colorado Springs awaiting the birth of their grandchild. We were so thrilled that they went out of their way and made the 2-hour drive to Ordway just to meet us for dinner. Since dining was almost non-existent in Ordway on Monday night we drove back to Kiki’s Place in Olney Springs and had fabulous food and conversation. We swapped stories of the road and they gave us more advice that will change up, and hopefully improve, our experience during our Kansas travels.

Gregory hit it off with Makenzie and they had a good time playing while the adults got caught up. Shanan and husband Brian were great and let us stay well after the 8:00 closing. We gorged ourselves on amazing barbecued hamburgers, smothered burritos and apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Back at Hotel Ordway we chatted out front in the cool breeze on a warm evening and found it difficult to say goodbye to our friends. We’ll definitely have to get to Colorado Springs some day and reconnect. Thanks again you guys. You’re terrific.

Early to bed and early to rise is hard to follow when you are comfy in a hotel room and have the luxury of lights (and for the boys television and football). We plan to ride at least 62 miles tomorrow (we really have no choice) so we plan to get up bright and early. As Joni at the Boone Grocery-Hardware told us, “Honey there isn’t anything for the next 500 miles.” We have a lot of “nothing” coming up with limited services therefore we may have to push some longer days and that equates to an earlier start to avoid the afternoon wind.


  1. Dorrie, thank you for your ongoing journal entries. Even though my tour has led me back to the comfort and boredom of my condo in Tempe, AZ., I am continuously reminded of the joys of the road when reading your posts. The non-joys of camping (trains, overhead street lights, sprinklers that are activated at 4:00 AM) are greatly overshadowed by the newness and challenge of each day's ride. I envy the three of you. As always, may the wind be at your back ... happy trails.

  2. Mike, Dorrie and Gregory, We are thoroughly enjoying your updates on this exciting adventure. We spent a lovely weekend with Mike's mum and dad last weekend and were tracking your progress on their map. We certainly look forward to seeing you when you are in our neck of the woods. Be safe!

  3. You guys are amazing. It was great seeing you again in Ordway. Talking with you and again seeing some of the places we had visited early in our trip (including Kiki's Place) made both of us long to be back on the road!

    To recap our alternate route discussion, we turned off the TransAm route at Rush Center. North on Hwy 183 to LaCrosse, then east on Hwy 4 to Lindsborg (nice town). Hwy 81 joins Hwy 4 at that point and they turn northeast until you hit I-135. Cross under the interstate and continue northeast on what is now Hwy 104. It turns north and parallels the interstate for about 10 miles until you rejoin Hwy 4 east at Assaria. Hwy 4 turns north for awhile also, then east and south (there is a shorter way to get back on Hwy 4 but it is dirt and pretty tough to ride).Stay on it until just before it intersects with Hwy 77 at Herington (this is a very pretty ride). Ride south through Herington to reach US 56 east. It has no shoulder but traffic is not bad. Follow US56 to Osage City, where you pick up Hwy 31 east. Follow that through Lyndon, where you pick up Hwy 68 east (another pretty ride - this is also where Penny rescued the turtle from the road). We took Hwy 68 through Ottawa all the way to the Missouri border (onto Hwy 2 to Harrisonville). You will want to turn north at some point to connect with your contact in the eastern part of the Kansas City area.

    Keep enjoying yourselves!!

    Steve & Penny